Reading Farmer’s Market

Today I went to the farmer’s market in Purley on Thames, at the Barn in Purely on Thames and was honoured to meet such a friendly and passionate farmer who gave myself and my children the most sweetest and freshest carrots to try! They were scrumptious in deed and was so amazing to support local farmers! His name Duncan and is 4th generation of a line of farmers! Something so close to my South African heart! The moment he heard my Saffa accent, he offered me some amazing gem squashes and explained how he supplies a few of the local safe shops around the area even going on to Bristols, Aylesbury and Swindon.

So if you ever in the area, please support the locals! He is at the Barn in Purley on Thames once a month on a Saturday, however can also be found in Great Knolley Street, Reading, on the 1st and 3rd Saturday.  He’s also at Mccarthy Glen in Swindon on Sundays!


Fresh veg, affordable prices and friendliest service!


There are loads of other vendors for the freshest eggs, meats, honey, pastries and breads.  Theres also some lovely hand crafted items.  I decided on a chicken and bacon pie and brownies for our dinner! Delicious!

Theres also a lovely play area which the kids enjoyed and lovely open spaces and jungle gym! A great day out for the family, and supporting local businesses! Bosh and WiN!

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